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We connect the dots between your users and free mental health crisis support

Powered by the world’s largest verified network of crisis hotlines and helplines, ThroughLine makes it easy for Trust & Safety teams and online communities to measurably support any user struggling with suicidal thoughts, self-harm and more, while staying true to your brand.

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Free support in

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Global coverage

Verified & vetted services in 140+ countries

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Measurable impact

Get insights on users accessing help

Free, trusted support.
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The largest, most reliable network of verified helplines in the world

When your community accesses support, you need to feel confident that help is on the other side – not a dial tone. Not only do we vet every single service we include, we also verify their information through working with the service directly.

Our verified helpline network is now over 1,300 services strong – the largest in the world – so you can rest knowing your users are in safe hands, wherever they may be.

No barriers, free for all

Real-time human support

Confidential & anonymous


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Find A Helpline Web App

Ideal for responding to user-generated crisis content

  • Branded search platform
  • Hosted at company.findahelpline.com
  • Use your branding and styles
  • Analytics dashboard
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Screenshot of the througline unbranded helpline widget

Find A Helpline Widget

Ideal for websites and safety centers

  • Mobile-responsive embeddable widget
  • Updates in real-time according to search parameters
  • Use your branding and styles
  • Analytics dashboard
Demo the widget
Screenshot of an example api schema for how to access throughline data

Find A Helpline API

Ideal for bespoke integrations

  • Leverage the power of our dataset
  • Offer support seamlessly in your UI
  • Fully customizable
  • Provide your own filtering experience

Connect your online community to the right support.

When you're experiencing an emotional crisis, you need the service that's the best fit for you.

Through our direct relationship with helplines, every service is labelled by over 60 data points, enabling advanced filtering and helping users connect with the most appropriate service for them, right at their time of need.


Abuse & domestic violence
Dementia & Alzheimers
Eating & body image
Gender & sexual identity
Grief & loss
Physical illness
Pregnancy & abortion
School & work
Sexual abuse
Substance use
Suicidal thoughts
Supporting others
Trauma & PTSD


Deaf & HOH
Indigenous support

Private and confidential, always

People need to feel safe to access help.

That’s why we never collect the personally identifiable information of ThroughLine users.

People can feel confident to access help securely and anonymously.

Why helplines for your online community?

Helplines, also known as hotlines or crisis call centres, provide immediate, emotional support by text (sms), online chat (instant message) or voice call.

Helplines have been found to measurably reduce suicidal ideation in those contacting them (King et al., 2003; Gould et al., 2007; Tyson et al., 2016).

They are a free and accessible way to get immediate help with distressing feelings, thoughts of suicide, abusive situations, depression or grief.

Helpline referrals are an essential approach for suicide prevention and crisis support, recommended by the World Health Organization and used by major internet platforms, globally.

Let’s connect the dots and save lives.

Deploy suicide prevention support for your global online community in days, not months.

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